Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

Sacramento First Church of the Nazarene began meeting in a rental hall in downtown Sacramento in the Spring of 1922. The ‘Gospel Tabernacle’ was erected at the corner of 28th and ‘S’ Streets in the fall of 1922. The original sign over the door read "Gospel Tabernacle, Church of the Nazarene, Strangers Welcome."

In the spring of 1923, a white frame structure replaced the portable tabernacle, and in 1924 the sides of the building were expanded. Construction on a brick building began in 1930, and services were held at nearby Sacramento Plating until the completion of the new building in 1931. In 1949, the building was expanded with the addition of the Gardner Annex, a new main sanctuary.

Finally in 1967, ground was broken for the beautiful new sanctuary which we enjoy today. It was completed in 1969, and a sign proclaimed New Sanctuary – First Church of the Nazarene. The unusual curved beams in the sanctuary have special symbolism. They curve out and upward from the cross above the platform, and were designed to represent God’s care, concern and compassion towards all.

In 2015 in celebration of Pastor Les Shelton's 25th anniversary as Senior Pastor, the church presented it's new logo, along with its new slogan: "Discover What's Inside"