Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org
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Name: rita stokes (email)     Date: 5/29/2016, 17:26
Comments: i hope pastor les gets better god be with susan n is kids heal pastor les god in jesus name amen

Name: rita stokes (email)     Date: 5/5/2016, 22:15
Comments: I miss you guys I miss pastor les I hope he gets better I am trying to look for a car so we can go to church on sundays n weds

Name: Daniel Checchio (email)     Date: 1/22/2016, 21:29
Comments: Great church with great people, can really get involved in doing things for others and learn more about God through classes. Hope to see you there!

In Christ, Daniel Checchio

Name: RITA STOKES (email)     Date: 9/15/2014, 22:50
Comments: i just want to say thank you to pastor les and pastor marica for everything they done for me n my family pastor and pastor marcia they are the best i love them to death thank you for everything we love you guys so sherry we love u

Name: keijo leppioja (email)     Date: 3/20/2014, 7:27
Comments: Yes and amen for that the day with greeting over you in pleasure to share my joy together with you and be sowing my seed in hope that reap later big harvest in thanksgiving with a good feel in forever with the Lord ,thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden

Name: Teresa Manegre (email)     Date: 1/2/2014, 16:13
Comments: My daughter goes to your church.I have been there a few times.Live in sweet home Oregon,hope to move much closer to Stephanie within this year.