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Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

2017 Sermon Videos

(with musical specials)
Pastor Les Shelton ministers on God's Unconditional Love
Nov. 12, 2017     
  Pastor Les Shelton ministers on "Sustaining Grace"  Pastor ministers on "Healing Grace"
  Megan Spurlock sings and Pastor Shelton baptizes his grandson, Liam.

                "Liberating Grace" Pastor Marcia Hull         Sons of Light & "The Person of Jesus" - Pastor Les Shelton  (embed) 

                                                         "Grief and Grace" Pastor Les Shelton
Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/2/17                                                   Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/9/17
"Attitude over Weakness"                                                       "Overcoming Temptation"


Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/16/17
"Dealing with Criticism"