Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

Welcome to SacFirstNaz.org

2017 Sermon Videos

(with musical specials)
                               Christmas Eve Evening Service - 2017
                                Christmas Eve message   - 2017
                                First Church Choir Christmas Special - 2017
                                New Year's Eve message - 2017

Pastor ministers on "Healing Grace" Megan Spurlock sings and Pastor Shelton baptizes his grandson, Liam.
                "Liberating Grace" Pastor Marcia Hull        Sons of Light & "The Person of Jesus" - Pastor Les Shelton 

                                                 "Grief and Grace" Pastor Les 
Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/2/17                                                   Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/9/17
"Attitude over Weakness"                                                       "Overcoming Temptation"

Pastor Marcia Hull - 7/16/17
"Dealing with Criticism"